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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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quickly yesterday but there are still 4000 under the mandatory evacuation order pick this is one of the areas. a counselor called at the epicenter of the flood zone. we still cannot go in but actually have go pro video to show you of the muddy mess left behind because of that flood. some of these areas are still under mandatory evacuation order, either because the water has not receded or the streets are still contaminated by the water. crews worked quickly yesterday to pump water out of the areas, then they went building by building to assess the damage and slowly let some people in. >> it was scary because my dog saved my life. he had to use the restroom, and because of him, he would have
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been buried alive with the dirt. >> were you sleeping at the time it came in? >> i was sleeping. >> reporter: these people are going through a lot. some of them are staying at overnight shelters but those are at local high schools and with school back in session monday they will have to pack up their belongings and move. city leaders are looking for a new place for them tuesday. there are also working on trying to find an estimate of the damage here caused by the flood, and once they get the estimate they will get state and federal dollars to help the victims, because they say that they are going to help them get back on their feet. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. a major route leading to the golden gate bridge will be off limits for a few more weeks. a mudslide shut down alexander avenue this week. officials say the road will remain closed through march 4. 6:01. let's see if we've got friday like traffic or the normal bay area traffic. >> thank you. so much for our quiet morning. i told you 6 a.m. we start seeing the action. let's go to the richmond toll bridge plaza, if you are with us a moment ago you saw the eastbound side was stacked up
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and jammed. now looking good in both directions. this was due to an earlier rollover eastbound 580 after the toll plaza. chp just canceled the alert and traffic is recovering. he will see some slowdowns exiting off the bridge, keep that in mind if you're heading out the door. if you're traveling into downtown san francisco, here's a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, 80 west bound from carquinez bridge to the maze, regular commute, 20 minutes. expect a 15 minute drive across the way into downtown. let's move over to fremont, this was a three car crashed, moved off the roadway but the damage is done, moving at 40 miles an hour along south bound 880. expect a three mile backup as well. west bound 92 into the peninsula, here's a look at the brake lights into hayward, traffic is moving smoothly and if you want to avoid the roadways, take a look at mass transit, bart, ace trains, muni
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and caltrains all on time. no rain but it is cold, right? >> it is cold. downright freezing in many areas around the bay this morning. 6:02. good morning, rise and shine. no rain on the screen. we keep this up and running because we do have precipitation in the forecast for the weekend. right now, this. wow. you've got to stop what you are doing. take a peek at this. okay, even michelle is lifting her head. look at that. isn't that pretty? that is our sunrise. can you see the 6% waning crescent moon, on its way to becoming a new moon tomorrow? you can't? look carefully. you can see it right there. clear skies and visibility. right there. full moon will be on march 10. we will be able to see that because we are going to enter a prolonged dry weather period. 37 degrees santa rosa, 34 livermore, 36 degrees in redwood city, hut, hike, hike. here's what you need to know, cool temperatures with sunshine,
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mainly cloudy all weekend and we will have a scattered rain shower. we are not looking at any kind of the immolation or flooding, and the extended forecast calls for a dry, warmer, wetter pattern today, however, cooler at the beaches. 56 degrees at the bay, back into the neighborhoods through saratoga, and los gaydos, good morning to you in willow glen and rose garden district. all in the 50s. east bay, 33 degrees in danville, a bit of a breeze northwest, 5 to 15, late day in the concord, clayton and walnut creek area, good morning, antioch, you will be in the 50s as well. through petaluma including carol linda and san rafael, into the 50s, otherwise, plenty of sunshine, winds at 55. rain? let's track it together, coming up on our newscast at 18 minutes after the hour. a new lawsuit is pending some of the biggest names in
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self driving cars against each other. kpix 5's anne makovec's live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the race to build a self driving car used to be all about developing the best technology but now the focus is on the business behind it. this new federal civil suit accuses uber of violating two different trade secret laws as well as patent infringement. alphabet self driving startup is the plaintiff in his case, bristol critical autonomous driving technology and is pointing the finger out a formal google employee who is now at uber. he says that he secretly downloaded 14,000 files from google's hardware system, resigned one month later and use that info to launch a self driving truck start up called auto. uber acquired auto last month and put him in charge of all of its self driving efforts. legal experts say if this suit goes to trial, apples legal battle with samsung could end up looking tame by comparison.
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later today, transportation officials will discuss ferry services between san francisco and tiburon. golden glade is associating with blue globe fleet, if the board agrees, golden gate could start rides within days. you are looking live at national harbor in maryland where in less than an hour, president trump is scheduled to speak at the annual political conservative action conference. this comes amid new bombshell reports that claimed the white house asked the fbi to publicly downplay media reports about alleged contact between president trump's election team and russian intelligence officers. hena daniels has the latest. >> this is our time. >> reporter: vice president mike pence at the first day of the annual gathering of conservative republicans, rallying against obama care. >> obamacare has failed and obama care must go. >> reporter: and praising president trump for help and pushed the republican agenda forward. >> a strong military, more jobs, less taxes. >> reporter: the president's
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two closest advisors, wise house -- white house chief of staff reince priebus and stephen bannon complement each other. >> he is always study. >> he is incredibly loyal. >> reporter: before turning to heavier matters like immigration. >> putting a wall on the southern border. making sure that criminals are not part of our process. these are all things that president trump is doing within 30 days. >> reporter: in the media, which bannon repeatedly called the opposition party. >> if you think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you're sadly mistaken. >> reporter: president trump's feud with the media deepened amid another report of a connection to his alleged ties to russia. both the associated press and cnn reported yesterday the white house chief of staff pressed fbi officials to publicly downplay media accounts of communications between members of president trump's campaign and russian intelligence officials.
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the fbi reportedly refused the alleged white house request. hena daniels, cbs news. >> president trump took to twitter this morning to criticize the fbi, saying, quote, the fbi is totally unable to stop the national security leakers that have permeated our government for a long time. they can't even find the leakers within the fbi itself. classified information is being given to media that could have a devastating effect on the u.s. the trump administration is taking heat for the decision to rollback federal protections for transgender students in public schools. hundreds came out to protest last night outside the iconic stonewall inn. the site of the 1969 riots that launch the gay rights movement in new york city. the white house announced wednesday that any policies on transgender discrimination will be left up to states to decide. next month, the supreme court will hear the case of a 17-year-
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old transgender student who is suing his virginia high school over its policies. >> time now, 6:08. a band nerve agent is blamed for the murder of north korea's -- north korean leader his brother's -- -- brother in malaysia. good morning from our kpix 5 weather center where the skies are clear. it is a frosty start to her friday in lent. we will talk about the warm-ups and the days you can expect it. and it is not so much friday light but also not as bad as it can get. a few hotspots to tell you about when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. police in malaysia say a banned chemical weapon was used half- brother of good morning, rise and shine. this is pretty. this is the scene from the
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embarcadero, we are looking an easterly direction, you can see the sun is beginning to rise to the east, we do have clear skies, but then we have rain in the weekend forecast. we will talk about the chilly temperatures and precipitation coming up in less than four minutes. a band chemical weapon was used to kill the half-brother of north korean dictator kim jong un. kim jong nam died shortly after two women rubbed a substance on his face as he was checking in for a flight at: poor. authorities say testing verified he was killed with a deadly chemical nerve agent called vp. the north korean basilar claims kim jong nam was killed by enemies of pyongyang with help from the malaysian government. >> the government has been informed, but he continues to be delusional, and scrutinized in decisions against our government.
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>> police have not said how the women were able to apply the nerve agent to his face without getting sick themselves. it is also unclear how they got the vx into malaysia in the first place. new details in the death of a chp officer. we know a man has been arrested. alberto cuerros was booked into the sacramento county jail last night and is expected in court today. and officer was chasing him on wednesday, officer lucas chellew was chasing him when he lost control and died at a hospital. police say that cuerros left the scene and was possibly driving a stolen car. a state lawmaker wants to make staying at beachside hotels and hostels more affordable. and assembly bill was introduced to increase inexpensive lodging along the coast especially on parkland. the author of the bill says staying along the state's beautiful coast is something all californians should get to enjoy. >> as a public school teacher that is fantastic. more access that can be cheaper
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or free. >> because it does not just affect people and what they are saying but it affects the animals as well. according to the california coastal commission, currently a room at a budget hotel in beach areas can run up to $260 per night. reporters of the bill say that is an expense that many low income families cannot afford. in one new hampshire kindergarten class, students pushed aside books to plan a wedding. >> they helped two ducks, peter and his longtime love, plumpty, to say, i do. the kids made invitations, they wrote to do list, every detail including those rose petals right there. and for the reception, students cheered them on with a chicken dance. >> that's cute. i guess there is not really a duck dance. >> let's sing it.
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>> [ singing ]. >> i don't know about you, but if my husband called me plumpty? >> did you know that ducks were so trainable? >> my grandmother used to have a duck. she called it eggonce, because it was once an egg. >> i have a feeling you are your grandma. >> at the reception i'm assuming they did not serve any roasted duck. >> i knew you were going to say that. i knew it. >> i'm always thinking food. you guys know that. >> we know you very well. let's talk about traffic. let's start here, a quick bridge check, starting with the marin county commute, if you're heading across the golden gate bridge, you're looking good. look at that beautiful shot, the sun coming up over the bay bridge toll plaza. amaze to downtown will take 20 minutes or so. plan for that. if you're traveling into the
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peninsula, brake lights between hayward and foster city. this is the hotspot, altamont pass, which is usual. moving at 35 miles per hour along the way, into livermore onto the dublin interchange. there is a live look from the altamont pass two 680, about 20 minutes or so. moving to the south bay, conditions through the way our green. looking good heading on 101 northbound, 280 northbound or 87 as well. if you're traveling into san francisco, take a look at this. critical bike ride, once a month, starts at justin herman plaza at 6 p.m. and will cause traffic delays. make sure you are careful as you are driving through san francisco this evening. share the road. >> we share the road with cyclists. good morning. rise and shine. this is a look at the weather camera toward the bay bridge. looking out from the embarcadero toward the port of oakland and the estuary, visibility, clear blue skies, fabulous way to end the work week after starting off so
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stormy on presidents' day. but with the cooler air mass in place it is awfully cold outside. this is of the golden gate bridge. wow. spectacular around the bay this morning. temperature wise we are in the 30s. it is now 31 degrees, in santa rosa, it is 34, in livermore, 36 in redwood city, 40s next to the rim of the bay. the coast is clear. look at the clouds, this system is going to roll into the bay area with scattered showers primarily on your saturday, snow level dropped to 2500 feet. if we see anything, just a few flakes, that is about it. sunday will be mainly dry and rain by nightfall. i've got to tell you, the weekend will be mostly dry, albeit cloudy with scattered showers on saturday and again on sunday night. a few showers on monday morning and we enter a dry weather pattern. there is your futurecast, there is your saturday overnight. friday night overnight, we start to see raindrops in the
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north bay. there is your afternoon. scattered showers throughout the peninsula. also the mount hamilton area, back through morgan hill. then we clear out and sunday comes along. clear skies, cold conditions. sunday morning we wake up to clear skies and here come the clouds again. scattered showers during the afternoon hours and into the evening. meanwhile, mid-50s. no fog throughout the central valley. we have rain showers throughout the southwest quadrant of the state and 55 degrees heading to monterey. a beautiful pristine weekend. all the way through santa barbara. 38 degrees today on the south shore, over the weekend, south and north shore, you will have a few snowflakes. not a major storm but it will require you using the chains and they are extending the ski season and boarding fees and by the way through april because it is just epic. more snow there since 2011. officials sunup is at 6:47. sunup, 5:58.
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going rapidly with clearing skies. today's temperatures topping up in the 50s across the board from rockaway beach in pacifica, through the sunset district, also around alameda, berkeley, oakland, into the mid-50s. 56 degrees in san jose when we should be 61 to 63 degrees as you venture around the rose garden district and back to the albedo area. napa, 53, mid-50s in fairfield. a winter day in the bay area without precipitation. clear, blue skies, overnight, sunday night into monday. then, from tuesday through thursday, we are talking about that dry weather pattern each and every day with a warming trend into the 60s. that is you are friday. i hope you have a wonderful day. good morning. coming up, another technical foul for golden state. it got testy earlier for the warriors, but they did something last night they have not done since 1989. that story is straightahead. ,,
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good morning. the warriors never cease to amaze. golden state was getting crushed last night until they put up their first 50 . quarter since 1989. draymond green picked up his 10th technical of the season and steve kerr not too happy with that. andre jordan from the dunk, 61- 45 lead. that comes golden state in the 3rd quarter, scoring 50 in the frame, kevin durant put him in front, 78-76 with that number. final seconds of the 3rd, curry berries the deep three to end of the quarter, steph curry finishes with 35 points, their first 50 point quarter since 1989. they win.
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20th -- 20th-ranked st. mary's taking on pepperdine, scores down low, giving st. mary's an 18 point lead. landau finishes with 24 points, 13 rebounds and they win 78-49, they are now 25-3. we all know that jim harbaugh did not get along but did you know that his 4 years as a 49ers head coach is the longest coaching tenure in the era? something he told a news group. >> i think we did set a record for coaching there the longest under the present ownership, if i'm not wrong. >> you are correct. you are correct. >> so, i take pride in that. maybe there should be an endurance metal or courage metaphor that. >> i'm not sure it is endurance, 4 years. if you look back to the walsh
6:26 am
arrow, actually, the 80s through the 90s, two head coaches really in bill walsh and george seifert. 4 years, the longest under the york era, jim harbaugh. it is 6:26. the trump administration is cracking down on states with legal marijuana. why one gop lawmaker from california is urging the white house to reconsider. the cleanup underway in san jose after the flood, the thousands who still cannot return home. ,,,,,,,,
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end. stuck in waist-deep snow, and lost overnight... i'm anne makovec with more on the rescue at heavenly mountain resort... the search for a missing teenager swept away during a recent bay area storm appears to have come to a sad ending. stuck in waste steam --
6:30 am
deep snow overnight, i'm anne makovec with more as emergency workers give a warning for anyone heading to the sierra. and from the sierra, from the snow, to the bay area where we've got sunny skies and a frosty start but clouds and rain for the weekend. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge heading into the westbound peninsula, moving slow but it is light in some spots. we will tell you where it's not. good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. thousands of flood victims are forced out of their homes in san jose and it could be months until they can return home. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose with the latest on the clean up. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. still a lot of people cannot return home. 4000 people under a mandatory evacuation order. this is the epicenter of the flood zone. we have not been able to go in
6:31 am
but do have go pro video to show you of the muddy mess left behind by the flood. the reason people are not allowed to go back to their homes is because the water has not receded just yet, or their streets are contaminated by the water. but, crews yesterday worked quickly to pump out the water from the street, then they went building to building to assess the damage and slowly let some people back in. >> we've got so much rain so it's like, we don't know what to do, man. >> and they are just gone. we don't have anything. >> these people are going through a lot. some of them are staying at overnight shelters. those are at local high schools. and those schools are back in session, city leaders are trying to find a new place for them tuesday. they are also trying to estimate the damage out here done by the flood. once they get that number, they will be asked -- able to ask for state and federal money. live in san jose, maria medina,
6:32 am
kpix 5. >> where can flood victims go for help? >> an important question because a lot of victims want to know how to get back on their feet again. city leaders are going to be operating a local assistance center that will open up this weekend at the community center. is going to be a one-stop shop for those to ask questions and get the help they need. back to you. fremont police believe they may have found the body of missing teenager jayda jenkins. a man discovered the body while he was walking his dog near the creek last night. corners are working to identify the remains. 6:32. we are getting a dry period but rain tomorrow. >> we began with the holiday on monday and all of the flooding into tuesday, the stray showers into wednesday.
6:33 am
the u.s. drought monitor report has been issued and because of all of the heavy rain, take a look at how we stand right now in the bay area. this is our live weather camera. we are looking at clear skies at the embarcadero. and, while we do have the clear skies, we can now take a look at the drought update. we have no drought for the bay area and for the first time since august 2013, we have no exceptional or extreme drought conditions throughout the entire state of california. you can see some around the santa barbara area, back into the inland areas and also the desert southwest where it is typically dry. high definition doppler radar, not a great site but that will move tomorrow, that is the weather camera looking toward the golden gate bridge where the temperature is currently 41 degrees around the rim of the bay, check out santa rosa, 30 degrees, 35 san jose, 38 again in oakland, back to berkeley, alameda, and 34 degrees in
6:34 am
livermore. redwood city, you are in the 30s. cool temperatures this morning, a brisk winter day but sunny in the bay area. this weekend, we will be mainly dry but cloudy with scattered showers primarily on saturday, and then dry, warmer weather. coming up in the extended forecast, the numbers below where they should be for this time of year but still, clear skies, half moon bay, rockaway beach as well into the sunset district, daly city will be a cool spot at 52. 50s around the peninsula, all the way into the valley, cupertino, campbell, also morgan hill into the 50s. east bay numbers, cool, black hawk, diablo, 53. mid-50s toward brentwood, tracy, discovery bay, all the way to or what, huntington, 50 degrees, northwest present 50 miles per hour, extensive beach visibility, limited out toward the west. temperatures in the mid-50s into sonoma and to the soft
6:35 am
beaches of the north bay, high 40s and low 50s. let's track the raindrops for the weekend coming up at 48 after the hour. 38 degrees in oakland. wow. if you are heading out, make sure you are bundled up. let's look at the bay area roads. a few hotspots starting with the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. the maze through downtown will take you 30 minutes and if you are traveling into the peninsula, here's the san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city. looks like a slow commute as well. here is the slow traffic along the altamont pass, a lot of red arrows, living at 30 miles per hour along the way. into livermore where it does free up onto the dublin interchange where you are going to be slow again. what is not slow is the south bend, -- southbay, from 101
6:36 am
onto 280, bart, h train, muni and caltrains all on time. in san francisco, drivers have reportedly agreed to all of the terms in their new contract. the san francisco examiner reports that about 1000 of the roughly 1300 operators who voted approved the deal. 3 years ago, during a time of stalled negotiation, hundreds of muni operators called in sick. this contract allows operators a 6% wage increase over the next 2 years. the justice department is reversing the obama administration's attempt to eventually end the use of private prisons. last august, the doj directed the government bureau of prisons to cut back on contracts. jeff sessions just rescinded the order. the white house announced plans to cut down -- crackdown on recreational marijuana. they expect the dea to enforce federal laws even when they conflict with state laws, allowing recreational pot use. they move as a reversal from the obama administration's stance that feds would not interfere in states where it is allowed. california voters approved recreational marijuana use in november. he spoke to one assembly man
6:37 am
who wants the trump administration to reconsider that stance. >> the people have spoken and we have to honor their voice. >> white house officials seemed to indicate that medical marijuana use would be given a pass. the alameda county sheriff's office is investigating the death of a deputy. mike foley was hit by an inmate bust shortly before his shift wednesday morning. he passed away at the hospital yesterday. he was walking through the transportation yard when it happened. investigators believe the bus driver did not see him because of the dark and rainy conditions. a man spending the night with barry snow with no idea where you are. >> kpix 5 reporter anne makovec has more on the rescue. >> reporter: a snowboarder was rescued after he veered off course and was separated from friends as a snowstorm hit the mountains. his friends reported him missing tuesday night and the next day, flying above heavenly mountain at more than 8500
6:38 am
feet, a chp rescue team spotted the missing snowboarder. he was waving his arms with frostbite, trying to fight off hypothermia. the 32-year-old of los angeles had veered off of course and lost his way. suddenly finding himself with snow up to his chest. that is where he stayed until the sun came up the next day. >> it was scary. it was scary. i think it was probably one of the longest, coldest and darkest nights of my life. i have an incredible amount of respect for all of the people involved in this effort and am so grateful to them. >> an el dorado county sheriff's deputy was lowered down to strap him him before he was raised to safety. an ambulance took him to a hospital in south lake tahoe where he was treated for frostbite on two fingers. emergency workers say because of the extra snow, skiers and snowboarders have been pushing the limits, creating an uptick in calls for help.
6:39 am
6:38. in northern california police department is furious with the feds after officers were allegedly tricked into helping with an immigration raid. rescue crew scrambled to save a young california girl and her grandfather after bees invaded their home. and, the market opened up 10 minutes ago, as we take a quick check on the board, the dow is down right now, 53. coming up we will get an update from our financial reporter, jason brooks.
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good morning. time checks, 6:42. first i want to take a look at current conditions, clear skies, temperatures into the 50s, below average. along the coast today with limited visibility, in the low 50s from pacifica back through half moon bay. from los altos all the way into belmont, and brisbane, campbell
6:43 am
at 53 degrees, good morning, in the mid-50s, through fremont and union city, east bay numbers, tri-valley into the low 50s, almost 10 degrees below average. antioch, 56 degrees. hello concord, clayton, walnut creek mid-50s. scooting over into the north bay in the mid-50s as well. check out lakeport with a high of 59 degrees. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. anthony mason joins us now from new york. good morning. >> good morning. coming up, president trump speaks at the conservative political action conference this morning. and, the rare insight from advisor steve bennett on his goals for the administration. plus , carter evans goes to the front lines in the battle to secure the border. he is on a ride along with local law enforcement in arizona. and, nora hits the green with a 6-year-old boy who has mastered
6:44 am
his golf swing with no lessons and just one arm. it is a remarkable story. we will see you at 7:00. >> can't wait to see that story. all right, all eyes are on wall street this morning. >> the dow has been on a hot streak, opened up 15 minutes ago. joining us now is kcbs financial reporter, jason brooks. >> good morning. the dow has seen record closes in 10 straight sessions. we have not seen anything like that in three decades. that winning streak is in jeopardy. today's stocks are heading lower. there are multiple reports that president trump may push his infrastructure spending plan to next year in order to clear out more room for his agenda on capitol hill this year. that has impacted a number of big industrial and materials companies, their stocks are moving lower. earnings have also fueled the stock market rally, better than expected for the 4th quarter. a couple of bay area firms are
6:45 am
a focus today, one good, one not so good. hewlett-packard enterprises our revenue dropped 10%. the recent ceo blaming a number of problems including foreign exchange fluctuation as well as some near-term execution misses for the company. this while hp, the part that mix computers and pcs, was cheered on wall street for stronger pc sales in the recent quarter. also, restoration hardware has been struggling, sales down 9% in the 4th quarter. that was better than an -- that was better than expected. let's go to the big board and see how we are doing over all. the dow moving lower by just about 40, the nasdaq is down by 20, and the s&p 500 down by 7 points. tesla stocks get a lower on its earnings yesterday, moving lower once again today.
6:46 am
michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. the santa cruz police department is promising not to work with federal law enforcement officials after officers were allegedly tricked into participating in an immigration raid. kpix 5's glenn ramirez got an exclusive look at ice agents as they carried out a coordinated crackdown on ms-13 gang members last week. police chief ken vogel released 10 people arrested were detained solely on their immigration status. he says that his department was assured that would not happen. >> we agreed to participate only after we were assured by senior officials from the department of homeland security that this operation did not have an immigration component to it. >> i.c.e. released a statement, saying there was no attempt at deception. 11 undocumented people were taken into custody and 10 were later released. 6:46. let's get another check on the roads with roqui. >> kind of weird not having anything to talk about, let's take a look and see how it is
6:47 am
looking. starting with the altamont pass, this is our slowest area of the bay, 29 miles an hour once you hit northland road. into the peninsula, here's the san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city, eastbound looking good if you're heading into hayward. moving over to the bay bridge toll plaza from the mays to downtown, 20 minute drive. expect delays at the metering lights, as they are on. if you're traveling into san fransisco, critical mass bike ride is every last friday of the month. this start at 6 p.m. at justin herman plaza. expect delays in the area. of course, share the road. weekend time. do you have any plans, roberta? >> i do have plans. thanks for asking. good morning, 6:47. suddenly i would rather not discuss them right now but thank you, i will talk about it on monday after the fact. right, kenny?
6:48 am
let's look outside right now, our live weather camera looking toward the bay bridge, clear skies, unlimited visibility. wow. what a difference the end of the week makes when we compare with store minutes on monday, as we kickstart presidents' day. this is the scene looking toward san jose, visibility unlimited, no reports of any of our local airport delays. good morning to our weather watcher, darrell yee. hi, darrell. boy, it's cold. thanks for playing along with us. three things to remember, scattered showers in our saturday forecast. snow level drops very low, 4500 feet. if we see any flakes it will be just that. sunday, mainly dry, and a few morning pop-up showers before a dry weather pattern sets up right here in the bay area. a couple of weak areas of low pressure out over the open waters, you can see this one is spinning its wheels to the south of us under influence of high-pressure. it will be drive and watch futurecast.
6:49 am
we begin to cloud up on our saturday and overnight hours. saturday afternoon we see the development of hit and miss showers from the north bay to santa clara county. don't cancel your outdoor plans, the weekend will be dry but just a scattered showers, not a complete washout. sunday, dry skies all day long into the evening hours. then we start to see pop-up showers. meanwhile across the state, pristine, monterey bay, 50s into sacramento, modesto, and fresno. easy travel across the state today, we have snow on the weekend for the high sierra. make sure you have your chance and get ready for yo -- your tahoe report. 35 inches of snow on the north shore. meanwhile today, temperatures into the 50s, unseasonably cool. northwest winter breeze, 5 to 15 miles per hour. saturday, increase in crowds with a scattered showers, lingering shower monday, dry and back into the 60s tuesday through thursday.
6:50 am
new this morning, a young girl and her 70-year-old grandfather are recovering after being attacked by thousands of angry honeybees in southern california. the girl was wrapped in a blanket and rushed to safety after a swarm emerged from this hollowed out tree near a trailer park. another woman says her dog died after being stung more than 300 times. >> then they started attacking me. there were thousands of them. there were so many that i could not see, or they were all in my hair. >> firefighters wearing protective masks's grade -- sprayed the bees and filled the trees with foam so they cannot return. a judge ruled that only one accuser can testify at bill cosby's sexual assault trial in pennsylvania. that means prosecutors cannot call 12 other women as prior bad act witnesses. the 79-year-old comedian is set to go on trial in june over the 2005 complaint by a former temple university employee,
6:51 am
andrea constand. investigators say a deadly shooting in kansas is likely a hate crime. the 54-year-old suspect yelled, get out of my country, before shooting three men. this happened at a bar wednesday night. the victims are engineers but originally are from india. one of the victims died at the hospital, two others are recovering. 6:51. some bay area commuters will likely have another option to get to work after a scheduled vote today. thousands of flood victims in san jose still cannot return home. why those in shelters will be told to move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ because of him i would have been buried alive. were you sleeping? yes , i was asleep. it's 6--- time for your final five...
6:55 am
i'm maria medina live in san jose where 4000 people are still under a mandatory evacuation order. what you are looking at behind me is the epicenter of the flood zone. we are still not allowed to go in but we do have go pro video to show you of the muddy mess left behind by the flood earlier this week. 4000 people are not allowed to return home either because the water has not receded in the area or the streets are contaminated by that water. yesterday, we saw crews working around the clock to pump the water out of the street. they went building to building to assess the damage and slowly, they let some people in. >> it was scary because my dog saved my life. he had to use the restroom, and because of him, we would have been buried alive with dirt.
6:56 am
>> were you sleeping at the time it came through? >> i was asleep. >> what is more, dozens of people are still staying at overnight shelters. but those are at local high schools. and with school back in session monday, they are being asked to move. city leaders are working on a new place for them to stay. they are also working on trying to estimate the damage caused by this storm. once they have that number they will try to ask for state and federal funding to help these people get back on their feet. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. time for your final five. >> fremont police say they may have located remains of a teenage girl that has been missing. authorities have not identified the body yet but alameda county sheriff's did reach out to the family of 18-year-old jayda jenkins. her car dropped into the creek near niles canyon road last month. a few hours from now, transportation officials will discuss ferry services between san fransisco and tiburon. golden gate ferry is negotiating with blue and gold fleet to share services. any minute, president trump will take the stage at the annual political conservative
6:57 am
action conference. yesterday on the first day, vice president mike pence railed against obama care. iraqi forces have secured half of the airport in mosul and most of a sprawling military base next to it on the city's western edge. they have also secured key infrastructure as they advanced to route isis from the western portion of a rock's second largest city. malaysian authorities say test verified that north korean leader kim jong un's half- brother was killed with a nerve chemical called vx nerve agent. kim jong nam died after two women rubbed a substance on his face while he was checking in at the kuala lumpur airport this month. let's look at traffic around the bay area. san mateo bridge from hayward into foster city, traffic moving slowly, but once you get into westbound 92 at mariners island boulevard, there is a crash out there blocking the two right lanes.
6:58 am
we will keep an eye on that for you. moving toward the maze and toll plaza, 20 minute drive. to avoid the road, look at mass transit, bart, ace trains, muni and caltrains all on time. roberta, i will send it to you, the lady with the secret weekend plans. not telling. i will talk to you about it monday. live doppler radar, nothing but clear skies. look at the sun beginning to rise over the bay waters. here is the scene looking toward the fantastic, glorious golden gate bridge. numbers? it is cold this morning. 29 degrees in santa rosa, though. here's what you need to know today, cool temperatures this afternoon but sunshine, mainly cloudy all weekend with few scattered showers, dry warmer weather coming up but first, today's high only in the 50s. a brisk winter day here, increase in clouds scattered a -- saturday with a scat --
6:59 am
scattered shower. than a dry and warmer weather pattern, conditions in the 60s. sounds good, doesn't it? >> it does. in lodi, california a mudslide closed roads, forcing a father of two to buy lotto tickets at a different one then he goes to every time. >> the muddy mess approved lucky for jason pruitt who drove here on a whim and turned out to be a winner. $750,000 from a mystery crossword scratch off. the 35-year-old could not believe it because he has been buying tickets ever since he turned 18. >> i started freaking out. i started yelling at myself when i was driving. >> 20 minutes later he comes back and he is like, you are my new best friend. >> pruitt says his family had recently hit tough financial times, so he is using the jackpot money to pay off some bills and maybe, finally, by that house. >> i love when people like that when. >> whatever traffic anger reported that mudslide. >> it was attributed to the weather. that's what i'm doing this weekend, i'm having lunch with them in lodi who are thanking us for the weather. [ laughter ]
7:00 am
>> seriously, what are you doing? >> you will find out monday. >> have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, february 24th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump is about to speak to a conservative activist group that he refused to address last year. in rare public remarks chief strategist steve bannon trumpeted his and earn da for nationalism. >> cbs news is on the front lines of the battle to secure the u.s.-mexico border. we're there when a man crosses illegally and is taken into custody. >> a top music star fights back against professional scalpers. eric church talks about how he canceled tickets to protect his fans.


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